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Identify Speed Controllers

To know what type of speed controller your cart uses try our new Speed Controller Selection tool. Here is a few of the most common speed controllers. If you don't see yours email us your speed controller part number or your golf cart serial number. We can tell you exactly what speed controller you need.

1206 Speed Controller Technical Details
36V 275A (non-DCS) 5 Pin 36V 350A (non-DCS) 5 Pin 1206-SX Speed Controller 36V 275A (DCS) 9 Pin

1206-MX Speed Controller 36V 275A (PDS) Multi Pin

1204 Speed Controller 36V 350A(0-5k ohm) 48V 350A(0-5k ohm) 48V 350A(5-0k ohm)

1205 Speed Controller

36V 400A 36V 600A 48V 400A

DCX Speed Controllers

New 300, 400, 600 Amp Speed Controllers for Ezgo PDS & DCS, Club Car IQ, Club Regen, Yamaha G19

alltrax dcx 600

True Performance, True Quality. New DCX speed controllers to power ezgo PDS/DCS, Club Car IQ & Regen, Yamaha G19. Easy drop in replacement. Select from 300 amp stock replacement, 400 AMP upgrade controller, 600 AMP EXTREME POWER CONTROLLERS.
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