25-113 TSX3.0 600A Controller Kit, Star EV 36V Classic

25-113 TSX3.0 600A Controller Kit, Star EV 36V Classic
SKU: 25-113
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Navitas TSX3.0 600-Amp replacement controller with the adaptor harness for your specific cart model

36-Volt Star EV Classic
Controller Features:
Direct replacement of stock controller, plugs directly into your carts existing wiring harness
Increased torque over stock controller
Works with stock or aftermarket electric motors
Programmable via Bluetooth features and/or On-The-Fly Programmer (*sold separately)
Bluetooth Programmable with:
Dealer App
End User App
One Button Cart Lock-Out

The Navitas app is available for Apple? IOS and Android phones and tablets
Quickly adjust speed to increase vehicle runtime
Adjust acceleration/torque as needed for more passengers or hill climbing
Control regenerative braking for added safety when driving down an incline

Also available in a 440-amp version:
With On-the-Fly Programmer #25-096
Without On-The-Fly Programmer #25-25-112
Please Note: Component looks may vary
Optional Equipment:
Compatible with the On-The-Fly Programmer #31922 *Sold Separately
With the optional programmer you can adjust on-the-fly your top speed, braking and, acceleration
Also lock in vehicle settings using the On-The-Fly Programmer as a safety precaution for younger drivers

Please Note: 200-Amp solenoid and 2-gauge wiring is recommended