600 amp Navitas TAC2 Ezgo RXV® Controller Upgrade (Curtis® 1206AC)

600 amp Navitas TAC2Ezgo RXV® Controller Upgrade (Curtis® 1206AC) . EZGO RXV TAC2 Controller Package (Curtis)
SKU: rxvcurtiskit

600 Amp Navitas TAC2 Ezgo RXV® Controller (Curtis® 1206AC) Upgrade Kit .   25+ mph , On the fly Programming for max speed , max regen , accelration rate.  Mobile App to lock unit, monitor usage and performance and more.


TAC2 Controller 600A w/ Bluetooth
TAC2 Module
OTF1.0 Programmer (3.75m cable)
Cable for RXV


• 600A state of the art Mosfet technology
• Compact size and low weight
• Regenerative braking
• Molex waterproof connector
• Thermal protection
• Sensor less motor thermal protection
• Under voltage protection
• Fully sealed IP5X • A/B speed sensor inputs
• Rollback protection
• Speed-limiting (w/ optional speed sensor)
• Compatible with Navitas OnThe-Fly (OTF) programmer (optional)(see OTF Data Sheet)
• Variable maximum speed control
• Variable regen control
• Variable Acceleration rate
• Simplified wiring diagnostics
• 48 to 72 Volt
• Up to 600A motor current