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Electric Motors Ezgo DCS

Identify Ezgo Motor Controller Guide

  • Stock Replacement Motor for DCS

    AMD 36-volt (2.25-hp@2565 rpm) stock motor that E-Z-GO installes on PDS cars at the factory. Uses magnet 9636 and speed sensor 6787. Replaces: 73445GO2, 73124GO1, DE2-4007. Also see 3267 & D1161. This motor can also be used on DCS cars without a speed sensor.

    Item #: 7146

    List Price $ 467.92


  • Stock

    AMD 36-volt (4.45-hp@3570 rpm) motor. The speed sensor plug on this motor does not match the E-Z-GO PDS motor. Use cable # 3228 with OEM, Curtis and GE controllers. # 3228 is not needed with Alltrax controllers. For E-Z-GO PDS/DCS. Can also be used on 48-volt. Also see # 7146 & D1161.

    Item #: 3267

    List Price $ 532.96


  • Torque Motor for DCS. 4 gauge cables throughout the car & HD solenoid, upgrade controller are required

    AMD 36-volt (12-hp@1300 rpm) high torque motor. Requires upgraded controller (#596, 879, 991 or 597). For maximum performance, safety, and durability, 4 gauge cables (#1258) throughout the car and heavy-duty solenoid (#30911) are required. Great for heavy duty lifted cars.

    Item #: 3268

    List Price $ 673.59