golf cart parts

Electric Motors Melex

  • Melex 152, 252, 412 Replacement Motor for Melex old style with or without motor brake.
  • Melex Industrial Motor for melex industrial carts , long wheel base carts. Including 6-8 passenger, 2 - 4 passenger with long cargo beds.
  • Stock
  • Stock system up to 17 mph
  • Stock system up to 20MPH
  • Stock system more Torque
  • Upgrade Motors below need 400 amp or larger speed controller, 4 gauge wires, Heavy Duty F R switch, Heavy Duty Solenoid.
  • Fast Speed D398 Melex Golf cart Motor Labeled 36v 6.1 HP, 5330 Rpm Peak HP up to 25 HP @ 48v Speeds up to 25 mph + New Motor GE Factory Warranty GE Model # 5BC58JB3084
  • Torque Hunting Buggies D394 Melex Golf Cart Motor Labeled 36v 8 HP, 1600 Rpm Labeled 48v 11.4 HP 2300 Rpm New Motor GE Factory Warranty GE Model # 5BC48JB1132 36V up to 15 mph, 48v 18 mph Has the most Torque. Great for off road or Hunting Buggies Peak HP around 16 HP with max Torque