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We carry over 6000 golf cart parts and golf cart accessories. Our CUSTOMER SERVICE Can't Be Beat! Check out all of our new golf cart accessories. . We carry all the latest and hottest trends for golf carts.

Alltrax Speed Controllers

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Series - Permanent Magnet Motor Controller An Advanced Motor Controller for today’s demanding markets: Color coded terminals. 24-48 and 72V models. 200 through 800 amp models. Standard 4-spade and optional 5-pin E-Z-Go connectors. Flexible USB programming. Integrated heatsink mounts on any suitable surface. Solenoid Control Output for "Main DC Contactor Control". Flexi-Mount clip-on feet. Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation. Hi-Reliability Fan panel. We are you one stop expert sources for Alltrax speed controllers. We can get you the right speed controller for your golf cart and save you so money. We have sold hundreds and hundreds of Alltrax controllers. We can answer your questions about qualifying and installation. Try an Alltrax fell the difference.

Golf Cart Motors

We have a motor for almost every golf cart made.

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No matter what motor you may need, find it here at Carts Zone. Stock replacements, High Speed, High Torque, and a few in between. We carry the fastest and strongest golf cart motors and electric vehicle motors. We even have the old stuff to, motors that go back as far as 1970. If your motor is not available new, we offer a fast motor rebuilding service. Motors are rebuilt top to bottom and will perform just like a new motor.

Need more power from your motor or custom golf cart parts, ask about our motor performance upgrade. Get more speed and torque with out damaging you motor.

We can help you speed up or torque up almost every cart. We say help you instead of sale you, because we will help you start to finish to get you going. We tell you the pros and cons straight up, straight prices, and we will never over sale you parts you do not need. Thanks for visiting Carts Zone.