07-011 SG-720 Charger Yamaha 48V G29 Drive & Drive2

SG-720 Charger Yamaha 48V G29 Drive & Drive2
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The new RELIANCEā„¢ SG-720 is a great alternative to OEM chargers. Its intelligent charge curve uses real-time data to most efficiently charge your PTV batteries. With its die cast aluminum body, the SG-720 is durable yet weighs only 7.5lb, less than half the weight of comparable OEM chargers. The integrated carry handle allows for easy transport, while the mounting tabs make mounting or hanging quick and easy

A quick-read LED shows charge state and battery level at a glance. Intelligent float charge capability is also included, keeping batteries topped off over time. The charger also includes a number of safety features, automatically shutting down if an error occurs

Fits Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-2016 & Drive2 2017-Up 48-volt
Intelligent charge curve using real-time data
External cooling fan
Float charge capability
Lightweight and easy to transport
Built-in mounting tabs
Quick-read status LED
IP65 dust- and splash-proof
High efficiency and reliability
Safety Features:
Over-temperature shutdown
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit and no-load shutdown
Automatic shut off at full charge
Please Note: Not for export use