Alltrax XCT-48300-1268/1264 24 PIN

Alltrax XCT-48300-1268/1264 will replace Curtis 1268/1264 models. 300 amps, works 24- 48 volts
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Alltrax XCT 300 amp speed controler will replace Curtis 1268/1264 models.  Let us know you cart info and your unit will be Custom programmed to your specfic cart and needs.  Fuse not included. 

Controllers come programmed for your cart ready to install.
New Alltrax Design. 300 amp Performance Speed Cpontroller, works 24-48 volt, Alltrax (XCT-48300-1268/1264) programmable controller.
Can easily change programming via usb cable and pc, laptop. No special programmer needed!

2 year factory warranty

Water Proof. New stye Mosfets creates less heat.

Can also buy with cooling fan but not a required option. Want on the fly option to control top speed, or regen see the new Alltrax Performance Knob.

 Cross Reference Part #'s

1268-5403  and more

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